Monday, April 1, 2013

The evolution of a bibliophile

And so the journey begins...

I have been obsessed with books for as long as I can remember, only recently acknowledging that I am indeed a bibliophile.  I will read everything, not only any book placed within my reach.  I've been known to read  the backs of shampoo bottles while on the toilet, as well as any product within arms length. 

Obsession?  No doubt.

Inspiration?  Indeed.

With the changes in technology, a vast array of books are so easily within our grasp.  No more driving to the bookstore, spending hours browsing the shelves.  Anything you could imagine is right at your fingertips as the popularity of ebooks increases.  Don't get me wrong, I still love the feel of an actual book in my hand, but it's just not feasible with my obsession. Not unless I want to drown my poor husband and children in a sea of books, not finding them for weeks!

With the rise of digital books, publishing is easier than ever.  Let's face it, some of the best authors out there are self-published.  It leaves me shaking my head at traditional publishing companies.  How they could overlook such works of genius?  Do they even know what the population is looking for in a good book?
If everyone else can do it, why can't I?

I've always been the imaginative sort.  Whether it be my art, or writing poetry and short stories for fun.  I just never considered trying to do something with it.  But after seeing the success of so many self-published authors, I got to thinking.  What is the use of maintaining this hobby if I can't share it with others?  But now I can!

I've began writing my first book!  I won't fool myself into believing that it will be the literary work of the century.  If I can share it with the world and a handful of people enjoy it, I will consider that a success.  It's a learning experience, and will hopefully strengthen my writing as time progresses.  So far I am pleased with how it is coming along.  The hardest part for me is to not rush it.  I'm so anxious to publish it, but I'm trying hard to take my time.

The book's title is Ivy Entwined.  I guess it would be considered a romance.  I won't give too many hints about it just yet.  I'm hoping to publish it sometime early this summer, maybe sooner.  Stay tuned...     


  1. I love your enthusiasm! Romance isn't my area of expertise but I do believe good writing transcends genres (does that sound corny? Oh well :)) Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  2. KP, I read a large variety of things, but romance is what seems to come naturally to me for some reason. I'm sure it won't be my only genre, but it's a good starting point. Thanks for your encouragement and interest!